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Working Groups

Routes to Market

2024 Agenda

The Routes to Market WG is working to secure the commercial viability of Irish solar projects. 

  • RESS-4 design

  • Industry good practice

  • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs)

  • Private wires (commercial)


2024 Agenda

The Planning WG aims to optimise the planning system to ensure a smoother, faster delivery of utility-scale projects.

  • Planning and Development Bill 2023

  • Promotion of Best Practice Planning Guidance

  • Stakeholder engagement and planning education


2024 Agenda

The Grid WG advocates for more efficient connection processes for utility-scale solar projects.

  • Connection policy & grid access

  • Delivery of grid connection works

  • Constraint/curtailment & firm access policy

  • Opportunities for connection cost reductions

  • Hybrids

Solar Rooftop Standards

2024 Agenda

The Solar Rooftop Standards WG is working to set standards for good customer care in domestic solar panel installation.

  • Promotion of consumer-focused guidance on solar panel installation

  • Refreshment of domestic solar PV installer Code of Practice

  • Development of industry standard for domestic PV installation

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