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Solar Calculator



ISEA is dedicated to making solar energy accessible to everyone. We have partnered with AirPV, a new platform that shows the benefits of installing a solar PV system on your home or business (up to 6 kW). The solar calculator estimates the payback time, installation cost, carbon offsetting and more. Click on the link below to use the calculator and change the settings to customise the system for your rooftop.

AirPV is your trusted partner in getting solar PV, making the process easier and better value. Its mission is to give homeowners the best experience when going solar. A homeowner can simply enter their address and see their solar potential.

Solar Calculator

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ISEA does not express any guarantee in relation to the figures estimated by the AirPV Solar Calculator; these figures are largely indicative. To get the most accurate figures, customers should get quotes from a number of different solar PV installers, which can be found at the above links.

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