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ISEA respond to EirGrid strategy

Irish Solar Energy Association

4 Jul 2023

Action required to deliver on renewed blueprint

The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) has welcomed the publication of EirGrid’s new strategy Shaping our Electricity Future v1.1. ISEA say this outlines a number of actions that will be required for Ireland to meet its solar and broader renewable targets and is urging prompt action from all stakeholders.

Responding to the publication of the strategy, ISEA CEO Conall Bolger said “EirGrid have provided a blueprint which details one pathway to reaching Ireland’s solar targets. These targets include delivering 5GW of solar of 2025 and 8GW by 2030.

“It is clear that urgent action and investment at scale is required. We need to invest in our electricity network so that it is fit for a 21st century purpose and ready to cater for the anticipated influx of renewable electricity supply. Society and the political system should support this investment so that we can decarbonise.”

Bolger said key decisions must now be taken by stakeholders, including the CRU and DECC, to ensure Ireland maximises its renewable potential. “There are a series of vital policy decisions that have been inexplicably put on the long finger. The renewable industry has been calling out for new policies on private wires and hybrid connections for several years. We cannot afford to delay further.”

Bolger concluded by saying that the time for planning must give way to implementation. “We have passed the halfway point of the first carbon budget. The first Climate Action Plan is now four years old. There are many known actions that would facilitate renewables decarbonising faster. We simply need all stakeholders to pull together and deliver these.”

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