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  • Priscila Mc Geehan

RESS 4 Price Caps and T&Cs Announced

The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme 4 (RESS 4), managed by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, is pivotal in advancing renewable electricity projects in Ireland to meet ambitious targets set by the Climate Action Plan 2024. These targets include achieving 80% renewable energy by 2030, with specific goals of 9 GW for onshore wind and 8 GW for solar capacity.

Following on from the consultation process and the recently announced Government approval of the key design features of RESS 4, the RESS 4 Terms and Conditions have now been published. These terms outline technology-specific Maximum Offer Prices aimed at ensuring cost-effectiveness and promoting diverse renewable energy deployment.

Key maximum offer prices include:

  • Onshore Wind: €93.50/MWh

  • Solar: €110/MWh - the ISEA has advocated for an increase in the Solar price cap to €120/MWh, reflecting the average increase in costs. However, this request was not granted.

  • Hybrid Wind and Solar, Hybrid Wind and Storage, Hybrid Solar and Storage: Calculated based on component capacities

  • Hydro, Biomass HECHP, Waste to Energy HECHP, Biogas HECHP: €110/MWh

These parameters provide clarity on pricing and evaluation correction factors, crucial for participants in the RESS 4 auction, enhancing competitiveness and project feasibility. Read more here:

RESS 4 - Aution Parameters - Evaluation Correction Factors and Max Offer
Download PDF • 180KB

The auction timetable for RESS 4 has been finalised, and detailed information regarding the auction timeline can be accessed on the EirGrid RESS website. This timetable provides clarity and transparency for stakeholders participating in the auction, ensuring they are well-informed throughout the process.

RESS 4 significantly benefits the solar revolution in Ireland by:

  • Providing financial stability with a predictable pricing structure that encourages investment in solar projects.

  • Creating a competitive environment where solar energy competes alongside other renewables, fostering innovation and cost reduction.

  • Setting ambitious targets that incentivise rapid scaling of solar installations, crucial for meeting renewable energy goals and reducing fossil fuel dependence.

  • Supporting technological integration, including hybrid projects with storage, enhancing solar energy's reliability and grid flexibility.

  • Empowering communities and local businesses to participate in solar energy generation, fostering a distributed energy model that enhances security and resilience.

  • Contributing directly to Ireland's environmental goals by reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change impacts.

RESS 4 establishes a structured framework and financial incentives that accelerate Ireland's transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future powered by renewable energy, particularly benefiting the growth and integration of solar energy across the country.

As highlighted in our recent Scale of Solar report, initiatives such as RESS are crucial for decarbonising Ireland's electric system and continuing the growth of the solar energy industry. While our proposal of a price increase for solar was not granted, we remain committed to advancing Ireland's renewable energy agenda. Solar energy plays a pivotal role in our path to a sustainable future, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy security.


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