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  • Priscila Mc Geehan

Celebrating Solar Milestones in Ireland

The solar revolution continues to gain momentum across Ireland, as evidenced by the latest updates from our members at the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA). Here’s a recap of the exciting developments shaping our solar landscape this month:

Scale of Solar 2024 Report

Our recently released Scale of Solar 2024 report underscores the remarkable growth of solar energy in Ireland. With 13 solar farms now contributing 594MW to the grid and an additional 373MW from household rooftop installations, solar power is playing an increasingly crucial role in our nation's renewable energy portfolio.

Key findings from the report include:

  • A 42.6% increase in Ireland’s solar capacity, now reaching 1,185 MW.

  • Large solar farms (>5MW) providing 594 MW, up from 349 MW in 2023.

  • Mini-generation, mainly from businesses and farms, increasing to 26 MW from 5 MW.

  • Microgeneration from domestic rooftops experiencing an 80% rise, reaching 373 MW.

Member Highlights

In June 2024 alone, our members have showcased significant milestones:

  • BNRG Solar Projects: Introducing five new solar projects, including three in Ireland, poised to contribute significantly to our 2030 solar targets.

  • Elgin Solar Farms: Breaking ground on three new sites in Meath, Longford, and Waterford, anticipated to power the equivalent of approximately 5,000 homes.

  • Amarenco's Kanturk Solar Farm: Recently opened, this facility is now providing clean energy to the equivalent of 1,900 local homes.

  • Ørsted Begins 1st Solar Farm in Co Carlow: Construction started on its first Irish solar farm in Co Carlow, expected to be operational by 2026 and produce 81 MW of power in its first phase.

  • Power Capital's Beaulieu Solar Energy Farm: Launched in Co Louth, generating power equivalent to 1,200 homes under a Corporate PPA with Microsoft.

Join the Solar Revolution

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Together, let's harness the power of the sun to drive positive change in our energy landscape. Join the conversation and be part of Ireland's solar revolution!


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