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Solar grants for businesses welcomed by industry

Photo credit: Activ8 Solar Energies

Irish Solar Energy Association

4 Jul 2023

The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) has welcomed the announcement today of a new grant scheme to support businesses to install Solar PV panels. According to ISEA, the new scheme will help businesses cope with high energy costs while also enhancing Ireland’s overall solar capacity.

Speaking following the announcement, ISEA CEO Conall Bolger said, “Meeting Ireland’s national target of 8GW of solar by the end of the decade requires solar panels installed on rooftops of every size across the country. Homes across Ireland have increasingly embraced the benefits of rooftop solar panels, however businesses have lacked a comparable level of support.


“These new grants will incentivise more businesses to join the solar revolution. This will reduce their own costs while dramatically increasing the capacity of rooftop solar to help Ireland decarbonise.”


Explaining how businesses installing solar will aid Ireland’s climate goals, Bolger said, “Businesses typically operate in larger premises, quite simply they have larger roofs and therefore can generate more power. The potential is substantial. Unleashing the commercial rooftop sector could make an impact on our renewable electricity targets.”

Concluding, Bolger said, “A new EU directive will introduce requirements for large buildings to install solar in the years ahead. We welcome that Government is showing leadership by offering incentives before this is a requirement.”

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